Trump-Hater Mark Cuban in Panic Mode as NBA Playoff's Ratings Crash...Down 40% From Just Two Years Ago

Nobody has been trying to desperately spin the NBA’s embarrassingly low ratings more than Mr. Woke himself, Mark Cuban.

He’s even taken to jumping on his Twitter account to beg people to watch games. He asks people who’re watching the games but turns off the comments so nobody can reply.

What an idiot.

However, it doesn’t seem like it’s working.

At all.

Things are looking very bleak for the NBA, and as they descend deeper into “wokeness,” more people are tuning out and instead of being a smart businessman and recognizing that his customers don’t like the product he’s selling, Mr. Cuban, who has stage 5 TDS, maks excuses and burrows even deeper into his “woke” hole.

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You gotta check out this video on Cuban and the new “woke” NBA. This guy absolutely nails it, and calls out the NBA and Cuban for the woke junk and TDS.

You can watch the video below:

Right now Cuban has to be in absolute panic mode.

The first-round NBA playoffs have hit 11-year ratings low. They’re down a whopping 40% from just two years ago, and 27% from last year.


The NBA’s two-year ratings tank just took tanking up another notch. As pointed out last night, year-over-year, the first round of the playoffs was down an eye-popping 27%. Furthermore, the first round’s 1.94 million average is down 40% from two seasons ago, the last time LeBron James participated in the playoffs.

Bizarrely, NBA ratings were the top sports topic on Twitter Thursday. For the first time since the NFL’s 2016 decline, sports media added the ratings beat to its fading arsenal. Along with spin-master Mark Cuban, the non-paid PR reps spent half the day boasting and retweeting that a down-to-the-wire Game 7 drew 4 million viewers. The latter was spent ignoring the more telling, more important first-round collapse.

The NBA’s pivot to a Democratic promotion machine is at the top of explanations. A Harris Poll found that 38% of sports fans say they’re watching fewer games because the NBA has “become too political.” But the injection of partisanship isn’t the only reason fans have chosen to tune out.

I explained the reasons last month reacting to a report viewership is down a damning 45% on broadcast TV since 2011-12:

There will come a day of reckoning for these new woke sports teams.

They’re going to have to decide if they want to support progressivism, or pay their players because as it stands now, the fans are telling them loud and clear that they can’t do both.

And if Mark Cuban is the “businessman” that he claims he is, he will lose the “woke” garbage and get back to supporting the actual sport and let his spoiled-rotten players play SJW warrior on their own time.


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