Trump Legal Team: State Certifications Are A Procedural Step; We're Continuing Our Battle

On Monday, Rush Limbaugh threw some heavy firewood toward the Trump legal team when he said the following: ” I don’t know any more than you do about the Sidney Powell circumstance. I know many people have been curious to know whether there is something beyond that which has been publicly reported. If there is, I’m unaware of it. I’ve made inquiries. I have not come up with anything more than what you know. We’ll deal with it as it unfolds and manifests itself.”


Limbaugh added, “There’s a bunch of different theories going around that she really is not going to stop working, she’s just disassembling herself from the Trump team. I mean, it’s a tough thing to deny that she was ever a part of it because they introduced her as part of it. I mean, she was at that press conference last week. The problem with that press conference last week, folks, it goes way beyond Sidney Powell.”

On Monday night, Pres. Trump tweeted he had given GSA Commissioner Emily Murphy the go-ahead to allow the Biden Team with their President-Election transition team funding. All that comes with it, as a new national leader is seemingly on the horizon.

Michigan also certified their electoral votes after many had thought they would give in to a two-week delay process request by the RNC Chairperson Ronna McDaniel.

Trump Team Lawyer Jenna Ellis wanted everyone to know that the state certifications were a procedural process only and that the team doesn’t finish fighting yet.


How will things move from here? What are you hearing? Will you support a Biden presidency?

I will wait until after the Pennsylvania appeal lawsuit. I trust Powell and Lin Wood, as both are great lawyers. I doubt they would put their credibility on the line. I know many GOPe, spineless, checkered-pant Republicans are being threatened, doxxed, etc. However, they have not grown a spine.


They still have not grown cojones to stand up to the MSM-NT-DNC mob.

I agree with Rush; if they don’t have the goods by next Monday, we have lost this country to the Alinskyite-Marxist mob after Thanksgiving. This will end in the SCOTUS. They either will support the US Constitution or fall in line with the Status Quo.



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