Trump Put Up Very Creative and HUGE Meme Slamming Bush and Liz Cheney On His Rally Jumbotron

Last night President Trump brought the house down in Perry, Georgia.


It was yet another barn-burner rally and further proof that Joe Biden, who couldn’t get even a quarter of that crowd, is a complete and total fraud.

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Check out the crowd that gathered to hear President Trump speak:

Of course, President Trump used his time to discuss the bombshell AZ audit results, which basically nullify Bumbling Joe’s fake “win.”

And a Trump rally wouldn’t be a “Trump rally” without slamming a few enemies, right?

Trust me, President didn’t disappoint…He went after two of his biggest foes – establishment globalists Liz Cheney and GW Bush – and he did it by using a savage meme which a very talented Trump supporter made. The guy goes by the handle “@GrandOldMemes.”

And he’s very popular on Twitter and Facebook.


The meme is a very clever mashup of Liz and GW Bush’s faces as “one” person – which is so true – they’re the same exact warmongering globalist, aren’t they?

And President Trump took that meme and blasted it on the jumbotron for everyone to see.


Here’s the original meme and below and the video from the jumbotron at the rally.

The guy who made the meme was really excited that President Trump used his work.

Can you blame him?


Was a great image, and perfectly sums up the establishment portion of the Republican Party.

Really happy to see President Trump use that to get his point across.

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