Trump Says He Will Bring Afghanistan Troops Home By Christmas!

On Wednesday, Pres. Donald Trump announced a full withdrawal of the remaining U.S. troops currently in Afghanistan by the end of the calendar year:

This is why Democrats are so desperate. They can’t call the GOP the “war party” anymore. They have no economic plan other than replacing meat with fake burgers and banning cow farts, nobody likes their anti-cop agenda, so they are running on lies.


You might remember, earlier this year, in March 2020,  Pres. Trump began pulling our troops out of Afghanistan.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi said that all the medications that Pres. Trump has taken affected his thought process. That’s hilarious coming from her who is drunk most of the time, and often she has difficulty keeping her dentures in her mouth because of it.

With news like this, Fox News polls show Pres. Trump way behind. Somehow they call 1,047 people and mathematically figure what 65,000,000 will do in a month. I don’t believe in polls, and I don’t think there is anything scientific about them. You would have to poll every single voter in the US to get a correct percentage for each candidate.

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You would think “Hanoi” Jane Fonda would applaud bringing our troops home, but instead, she just put out a video saying Covid was “God’s gift” to the Left. She said it ripped the bandaid off of “who Trump really is.”

Liberal media will say this is an act of desperation because he knows he’s far behind in the polls. Trump supporters will respond, this is why they voted for him in the first place, and they will do so again.


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