Trump Supporter Scott Adams Has "Perfect Impeachment Plan"...Does GOP Have Guts to Do It?

The reason we’re in this mess right now is thanks in large part to the GOP.


These traitors have sailed us down the river and backstabbed us every step of the way.

They hardly made a peep when zillions of ballots were mailed willy-nilly to American homes all across the country – at my house alone, we received 11 unrequested ballots…and there are only 3 of us who live here.

This is not how to treat an election, and yet, the GOP was basically quiet as church mice as all of this unfolded.

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Heck, in some cases, the GOP state legislatures actually helped the Dems, like they did in Pennsylvania.

Not to mention the collective yawn and shoulder-shrug that came from nearly the entire GOP after the election.

Now, we’re facing down one of the biggest and most tyrannical big-tech power-grabs against a massive portion of the American public, and once again, GOP is nowhere to be found.

While the Dems are moving ahead to impeach President Trump AGAIN, the GOP is sitting there with their thumbs jammed up their butts.


However, Trump supporter Scott Adams just came up with a brilliant plan that could go a long way in sort of, slightly redeeming the GOP if they found the guts to pull it off.

Here’s what Scott said: “If Republicans don’t submit articles of impeachment for Kamala Harris for encouraging summer BLM protests, they might want to think twice about impeaching Trump for the same behavior.”

Scott’s 100 percent right here. Kamala promoted a fund that actually bailed out some of the most violent and scuzziest “protesters” around.

In one incident reported by Fox News, the fund Kamala promoted bailed out a child sex abuser.

From Fox News

A bail fund promoted by Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris and many staffers on Joe Biden’s campaign helped release an accused child abuser, documents obtained by Fox News indicate.

Timothy Wayne Columbus, a 36-year-old-man, is charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct for allegedly penetrating a girl in 2015 when she was about 8 years old. A warrant was issued for his arrest on June 25. But he was later bailed out of jail and according to a court document, filed to have his bail money returned to Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF), the organization Harris and many Biden staffers asked their followers to donate to during the rioting in Minneapolis earlier this year.

Why does the GOP allow Dems to get away with this disgusting crap?


I’ll tell you why – it’s not because they’re “weak”…it’s because they’re all one big “uni-party,” and none of them actually work for us.


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