Trump Supporter Scott Adams Just Explained in One short Tweet Why Trump’s a Shoo-In For 2024

We’re only a couple of months into 2021 and already, this year has been absolutely crazy.

The country has faced unbelievable division, a deadly virus, and endless politically correct doctrines and Biden’s weak presidency definitely doesn’t seem to be helping matters.


This is why Trump supporter Scott Adams believes Trump will be a shoo-in for 2024.

Adams took to Twitter where he made his case for why Trump will easily take back the WH in 2024.

I totally agree with this, as long as we don’t have the mail-in ballot fiasco again. If that’s still in place, no, he won’t win…they’ll just pull another “2020” and the American people won’t have a say one way or the other.

Here’s what Scott said: “When Bill Maher and Charlamagne Tha God are debating which Democratic leader is the most sexually inappropriate — Biden or Cuomo — as Dr. Seuss is being canceled, Trump vaccinations are saving the country, and Iran is heating up, do you still wonder if Trump can win in 2024?”

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Scott is spot-on.

This country needs a strong leader during difficult times like these, not one who needs his sentences completed by his wife.

And Biden’s approval rating is already starting to majorly decline after only two months in office.

From Wion

US President Joe Biden’s approval rating is witnessing a downward trend and have fallen in the past two months, according to a poll conducted by Monmouth University.

The poll states that Biden’s approval rating stands at 51 percent nationwide, with 42 percent of the United States disapproving him as their leader. His disapproval rating has jumped from 30 per cent to 42 per cent.

The poll also finds the job rating for Congress at 30 per cent approve and 59 per cent disapprove and views of the nation’s trajectory at 34 per cent who say it is headed in the right direction and 61 per cent saying it is on the wrong track.

Both ratings were slightly better in January: 35 per cent approve to 51 per cent disapprove for Congress and 42 per cent right direction to 51 per cent wrong track for the country. The prior poll’s results were a historical high in eight years of national polling by Monmouth. While the current ratings have declined, they remain on the higher end of the range across which they have fluctuated since 2013.


Things certainly are looking bleak for Biden.

And the really pathetic part is that we’re only TWO MONTHS into this sham presidency.

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