Trump’s Spokesperson Liz Harrington Just Made an Observation About Hillary That’ll Blow You Away

Trump is back to doing his rallies and it’s definitely got lots of people feeling that 2016 excitement again.


Of course, that time was certainly not exciting for Hillary, who suffered a major loss, but that didn’t stop the left from constantly proclaiming her the “real” president because she won the pointless popular vote.

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But in all that time of believing she was the rightful leader, no one on the left ever made her a gigantic “Hillary Won” sign, which Trump’s spokesperson Liz Harrington brilliantly pointed out.

“It’s funny, 4 years, entire corrupt Big Media spreading her lies for her, and I never saw a “Hillary Won” sign ? Not at a Mets game, not at a rally, never ?‍♀️“


She definitely makes a good point.

The left didn’t come forward with any sound evidence that Hillary won…they simply just hung their hat on the popular vote and Russia conspiracy theories.

Pretty pathetic…and really telling…

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