Trump’s White Supremacy Denunciation Debate a Never-Ending Media Narrative

There’s no doubt that Trump botched the exchange on white supremacy at the debate. David Harsanyi makes the point sharply here:

But Trump said he was willing to denounce white supremacy at the debate, clarified what he meant about the Proud Boys the day after the debate, and is on the record in the past denouncing white-supremacist groups. The media, still, is not willing to take “yes” for an answer, or to accept any denunciation.

An exchange at the White House press briefing over this got a lot of attention. It’s really hard to see how this can possibly be made into an unwillingness to denounce white supremacy, but that’s how it’s been interpreted:

Jack Tapper had a similar exchange with a Trump campaign spokesman, accusing him of refusing to denounce white supremacy, when he repeatedly cited Trump’s past denunciations of white supremacy and made his own denunciation of white supremacy.

This is just too good a narrative to check, or ever let go.

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