Tucker Carlson Mocks Politico's Jake Sherman on Abject Twitter Apology

Jake Sherman, who writes the Politico Playbook feature with Anna Palmer, drew attention for his “mea culpa, mea maxima culpa” response to be suspended by Twitter for tweeting out the first New York Post story on the contents of a Hunter Biden laptop. 

“I tweeted a link to the NYP story right after it dropped yesterday morning. I immediately reached out to the Biden campaign to see if they had any answer. I wish I had given the story a closer read before tweeting it,” he lamented. “Twitter suspended me.”

The suspension wasn’t a badge of honor. It was a source of great shame. 

On Thursday night, Fox’s Tucker Carlson ripped Sherman in his opening segment. “Where are the real journalists now? We need them more than ever. They’re gone. They’re cowering. They’re afraid. They don’t want to upset power. Jake Sherman of Politico, who claims to be a news reporter, actually apologized on Twitter for asking the Biden campaign about Hunter Biden’s e- mails. These people are craven. They have no standards. They have no self-respect.

Sherman came up again in an interview with New York Post op-ed editor Sohrab Ahmari. They were discussing how it was “truly chilling and sinister” that Facebook executive Andy Stone announced on Twitter they were squashing the story without proving anything in it was false, and Stone used to work as a staffer for ultraliberal Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), and for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

CARLSON: Where are journalists in this? Where are the guardians of the First Amendment, the people who make their living by the first point in the Bill of Rights, the freedom of the press? They’re not saying anything.

I mean, just to be clear, the Big Tech companies control the overwhelming majority of American media, directly or indirectly, and yet journalists are not speaking up against censorship. Why?

AHMARI: I mean, I think there’s this culture of groupthink, where it really feels like all the elements of the establishment have lined up. You have Big Tech. You have Hollywood. You have media, and they are all so bought into a kind of narrative where if a story is put forward, including a story, which you know, you’ve seen some of the e-mails, we’ve published the e-mails, it’s so much more solidly sourced than so many of the mountain of stories of anti-Trump stories that appeared in left-of-center media, that were all based on hearsay.

You would think journalists would say, let’s dig into this. But immediately, it becomes an effort to either shut it down or to attack the source, and not to investigate the underlying fact of massive potential, graft and corruption.

So the most chilling aspect we are seeing, a journalist like Jake Sherman, again, you mentioned him earlier, sort of, you know, he had won the victory over himself, to quote George Orwell. He posted this long apology for having posted our story and raised some questions about it.

That’s the chilling effect in this, it is that if you are going forward, if you publish stories that go against the narrative, you will have to kind of publicly confess and apologize. And you’re talking about a story in the oldest continuously published newspaper in this country, founded by Alexander Hamilton is not some shady website and you saw the story, it was deeply reported. This is shameful in terms of my fellow reporters and editors.

CARLSON: It’s one of the biggest circulation newspapers in this country. It’s not a small thing. How can someone like Jake Sherman apologizing for asking a question for forwarding a news story? How can someone like that continue to work in journalism? How can this go on?

Ahmari wrote up a handy list of discredited left-wing “bombshells” that Big Tech has never touched, even now. You can spread the misinformation all you want! 

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