Turns Out Saturday's "Jan 6th Insurrection Rally" Was a Small Crowd of Mostly Reporters Aimlessly Walking Around

For weeks now, the Jan 6th event at the Capitol today was dubbed an “FBI trap” by every Trump supporter online.

CNN, MSNBC, and others billed it as an event to show support for the January 6th prisoners, that would wind up like Jan 6ths on steroids.

The left painted this event like the “second insurrection.”


However, nobody had ever planned to attend because it was so obviously a set-up. Trump supporters have been mocking the “Fed picnic” since they first heard about it.

Even President Trump came out and warned people not to attend.

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So, you can imagine the laughter and mocking that took place when Dems had their silly theatrical “fence” erected again, and the bungling Cap police came out with a goofy “North Korea” show of force.


It’s all such nonsense and political theatrics.

The bulk of the people there in the small crowd are press and probably undercover FBI agents, who may have been able to wrangle a few mentally unstable people, who knows?

There may be some lookie-loos there too, but certainly no hardcore “Trump supporters.”


There’s so much press there, as a matter of fact, that one reporter on the scene said another reporter with a “French accent” came up and tried to interview him.

Ha ha ha ha!

When I saw this tweet, I had to laugh.


This NBC News reporter at the scene said there’s more press than rallygoers.

This reporter from The Dispatch also said that it was mostly all reporters there, and very few rallygoers.

Trust me, people online are having a laugh over this.

Of course, what’s not funny is how the Jan 6th prisoners are treated, and those of us who would never go to a fed “set-up” like this, pray every day for those patriots.

Meanwhile, as our press enjoys a “circle jerk” with the FBI, THIS is happening at our southern border:


If we have a serious media, that actually cared about what was really happening in this country and the REAL threats we face, every one of those useless blobs would be in a boat, broadcasting THIS mess that Joe Biden and his equally dim-witted so-called “VP” are ignoring.

But sadly, we don’t have a serious press in this country. We have a CIA-run propaganda media, so the truth and the real issues will remain buried to protect the regime.

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