Twitter Users Dig Up Jim Acosta’s Damning Tweet That Vindicates Trump on the White Supremacy Lies

This tweet certainly didn’t age well…

Users on Twitter have dug a tweet shared by Jim Acosta back in 2017 when Trump condemned white supremacists while on Hannity.

Now mind you he’s done it a number of times since then, but after the presidential debate where Biden and Wallace both insisted he say it again, the media has now exploded and it accusing him of avoiding saying the words ever.

However that’s completely untrue and Acosta’s tweet proves that:

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Pretty hilarious huh?

It seems these people have a real case of short-term memory loss.

Twitter users had some great reactions to this recently drudged up tweet:

“It’s groundhog day. He will forget again tomorrow.”

“This is why the US political media is not trusted & gets laughed at by so many people from all around the world”

“Was it the first time “on hannity” though… Gotta catch the shuffle…”

“Cut @acosta some slack. One of the primary symptoms of TDS is memory loss. He can’t help himself.”

“This is a new level of Twitter Gold, more like Twitter Platinum”

Short term memory loss has gotta be a symptom of TDS.

It’s the only logical explanation for how a majority of these “journalists” have suddenly forgotten this occurrence.

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