Twitter War! Another Failed Baldwin Brother Attacks a Conservative … What’s New?

Billy Baldwin? More like Bully Baldwin. 

A Tuesday night Twitter fight broke out amongst conservative actress Kristy Swanson, known for playing Buffy in the film “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” and “actor” Billy Baldwin, known as Alec Baldwin’s brother. Billy let jealousy get the better of him, if he has a better side, when he accused Swanson of reaching Hollywood success by means other than talent alone. 

It started when Swanson applauded the acting performance of Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) when she cried on the House Floor. Swanson tweeted, “Did the actress named Rashida that cry’s on cue with zero sniffles get any trophy’s tonight? I heard it’s Award season and stuff.” Swanson has a point. If Cuomo can get an Emmy then Rashida Tlaib at least deserves something. And don’t forget about AOC… she deserves Best Supporting Actress for her sympathy during Tlaib’s scene. 

Swanson also tweeted, “Just because a spot opened up in the Screen Actors Guild, that doesn’t mean it’s there for the taking.” Tlaib’s ridiculous histrionics were quite the show. Swanson even thought the dramatics could merit Trump’s old spot at SAG. 

But, since anything that comes from a conservative’s mouth can’t be left alone, a Baldwin bash transpired … unsurprising since the whole family is a bunch of loonies. Billy Baldwin wrote, “We know how you got your spot @KristySwansonXO” and added a “shhh” emoji at the end. 

What exactly was Baldwin implying? That she slept her way to the top? Ew. Not everyone has to do something disgusting to be relevant.

Thank goodness Swanson shut him down when she said, “Another Democrat champion of women. (I joined SAG at age 9).” Swanson had more talent at 9 than Baldwin ever had and his jealousy is running rampant. He reached his fame through his brother Alec Baldwin so he doesn’t really have much room to talk about how someone earned success. It’s disgusting how he’s suggesting that a nine-year-old did something other than act in order to earn her spot. 

Baldwin’s attempt to claim moral high ground shows how much of a coward he actually is. Conservatives, like Swanson, reached success through hard work and good acting … unlike Baldwin who reached his d-list spot through his last name. And that’s being generous. 

Unfortunately for the Baldwins, this sort of useless theatrics is common. Just watch anything they star in. 

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