Two Liberal Women Who Terrorized 7-Year-Old Trump Supporter Outside DNC in Delaware Have Been Arrested 

Sweet justice!

The two violent and insane liberal Biden supporters who terrorized a 7-year-old Trump supporter, and stole his MAGA hat outside the DNC building where Joe delivered his acceptance speech, have been found and arrested.

Here’s a video of the assault:

From Bizpacreview

A second leftist was arrested for bullying a 7-year-old boy and stealing his MAGA hat outside the Democrat National Convention in Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware.

Camryn Amy was arrested on August 22, a day after Olivia Winslow was arrested for a disturbing attack on a child that was caught on a viral video (see below).

The Wilmington Police Department charged both Amy and Winslow with:

Endangering the welfare of a child
First-degree robbery
Second-degree conspiracy
Two counts of offensive touching.
The 7-year-old boy, named Riley, was waiting in line at a restaurant outside the DNC convention center with his mom when Amy and Winslow stole their MAGA signs and their MAGA hat.

This is great news! I hope that they throw the book at these two. We need to start setting examples for the rest of these violent liberal nutbags.

However, the public won’t hear about this on the mainstream media…so far CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and WAPO are still pretending like this never happened.

But you can imagine how their reporting would go if it was a Trump supporter who attacked a 7-year-old Biden supporter, right?


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