TX Democrat Tries to Delete His Tweet Wishing Death Upon President Trump

Since Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19, the left has been spewing out hateful messages nonstop, hoping Trump will die from the virus.

Even government officials have started in this disgusting trend.

Texas Democrat Gene Wu took the low road today when we tweeted this despicable message wishing death upon President Trump:

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Wu has since deleted the tweet and is now trying to desperately cover up his death wish by stating that he “didn’t wish anyone ill” and that he’s “praying” for Trump’s recovery.

Yeah right…

Nice try buddy

Well thankfully his original tweet that he tried to delete was quickly snagged up by many on Twitter and users are making sure he knows it:

“Bullshit. We saw the tweet.”

“You know EVERYONE saw your disgusting tweet, right? Quit your lying.”

”They always surrender to their worst impulses.”

“Gonna pull a hamstring backpedaling that fast”

“You better pray for a better campaign strategy. What an asshole.”

“The internet is forever.”

What was this doofus thinking?

He should’ve known that deleting a tweet does nothing.

The internet is indeed forever and any mistake you make will be there indefinitely.

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