UK Prime Minister Announces NEW Mask Wearing Restrictions!

In reaction to the discovery of a new COVID-19 variant, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has reinstated the necessity for people to wear masks in shops and public transportation, despite the fact that the restriction had been abolished just a few months before.

The discovery on Wednesday of a new coronavirus strain — B.1.1.529, dubbed ‘Omicron’ — in southern Africa prompted the United Kingdom to impose travel restrictions on those arriving from several southern African countries on Friday, as well as requiring those arriving to quarantine in hotels for ten days.


On Saturday, two instances of the Omicron variety were discovered in the United Kingdom, one in Essex, in the southeast of England, and the other in Nottinghamshire, in the center of the country, officials said. Sajid Javid, the Secretary of State for Health, said that the infections were connected to recent travel from southern Africa. Mr Javid had previously said that the Omicron strain “may be more transmissible” than the prevalent delta version, and that there was a risk that “the vaccinations that we now have” against it “may be less successful.”

In an impromptu press conference on Saturday at 5 p.m., Prime Minister Boris Johnson used ambiguous language to announce a “tightening up” of the rules on mask-wearing in shops and public transportation — rules that had been lifted in July, so it’s unclear what exactly is being “tightened up” this time.

The following statement was made to the press during Mr Johnson’s speech: “We will also be asking all of you to assist us control the spread of this variety by strengthening the regulations on facial coverings in stores and public transportation.”

“Can you just be a little bit clearer about what you meant about facial coverings?” Sky News’ Nick Martin questioned Johnson, presumably to convey the consternation felt by those who heard such an imprecise comment. They would have to be ‘tightened up’ on your recommendation, right? “Are you saying tonight that you’re going to make facial coverings a requirement in any indoor settings you choose?”

As a result, the prime minister was compelled to declare that, sure, this meant the reinstatement of obligatory masks, saying: “On facial coverings, what we’re looking at is retail and transportation basically going back to where you have to wear them in retail settings or on public transportation.”

“However, the health secretary, Saj, will be laying out additional details over the course of the next day or two.”

The restrictions, according to Prime Minister Johnson, are “temporary and preventative in nature.”

The prime minister announced other “targeted and proportionate” measures during his speech, “as a precaution while we learn more” about the virus. These included a testing regime for arrivals from all over the world, where travellers must take a PCR test by the end of the second day of their arrival and to self-isolate until they receive a negative result. It will not prevent individuals from conducting foreign trips, on the other hand.

It will be recommended that everyone who has contact with someone who has tested positive for Omicron self-isolate for ten days, “regardless of whether or not they have received immunization.”

“We don’t yet know how effective our vaccines will be against Omicron, but we have good reasons to believe they will provide at least some measure of protection,” Mr Johnson said as he urged more people to be vaccinated and boosted, announcing that his government’s vaccine committee will look into the possibility of expanding access to boosters to as many people as possible. “We don’t yet know how effective our vaccines will be against Omicron, but we have good reasons to believe they will provide.


“The measures that we are putting in place today, including those at our borders and those involving facemasks, are transitory and precautionary in nature. We’ll have a look at them in three weeks. The knowledge we should have regarding the long-term efficacy of our vaccines should be much improved by then.

“I really hope that we will discover that we remain in a strong position and that we will be able to remove these measures once again.” However, for the time being, this is the prudent course of action to reduce the seeding and spread of this new type while maximizing our defenses in order to maintain the achievements we have made through our hard work and to continue to save lives,” the prime minister said.




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