University of Kentucky Just Broke the Record For Loudest "F Joe Biden" Chant

In case you’re wondering, yes, the “F Joe Biden” chant is still going strong.


As a matter of fact, I think we’ve found the loudest one yet.

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It looks like the new “F Joe Biden” reigning champs are the crowd at the recent University of Kentucky football game this weekend.

The clip is only 5 seconds long, but that’s okay – you get the picture in the first 2 seconds how LOUD it is.


Take a look:

We know that these chants and the signs and flags that have been lining the roads as Joe’s motorcade rolls by are starting to get to Biden, which is good.

That’s what we want.

In addition, the chants are getting to liberals, as well…so much so, they’re now trying to tell Americans that it’s “illegal” to say the chant in public.

But it’s not just colleges, it’s happening again in the very liberal New York City.

And even on the water…sort of…

Well, it looks like Joe has actually “united” the country after all…


I just don’t think it’s the exact way that he wanted to.

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