Utah Steel Company Just Gave Up Their Pricey NBA Suite Over Leagues "Anthem Kneeling" and "BLM Support"

Gee, who could’ve seen this one coming?

Everyone under the sun, that’s who.

How many different ways do fans need to tell sports franchises that they don’t want social justice and politics mixed into their sports? And furthermore, fans don’t care what spoiled, rich, out-of-touch athletes are “protesting” about. Especially when it involves a hateful, violent Marxist group like Black Lives Matter.

Yeah, let’s support a group that are terrorizing Americans at restaurants, beating people, and burning down businesses. That sounds like a winning plan.

Shut up and dribble, hit, or throw the ball.

And as predicted by everyone who isn’t suffering from Stage 5 TDS, these sports teams are feeling the burn – in a big, big way.

NBA playoff ratings are just embarrassing at this point.

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And it’s just getting worse by the second.

Now, a giant Utah steel company based in Salt Lake City just gave up their pricey suite thanks to the league’s anthem kneeling and support for BLM…and they have zero regrets.


From Washington Beacon

A Utah company is giving up its suite at Jazz games, citing the players’ decision to kneel during the national anthem. The company, Salt Lake County-based SME Steel Contractors, is asking the NBA franchise to “put a stop to all disrespectful actions during the anthem and remove the Black Lives Matter logo from the arena.”

“The recent actions of the NBA—including the owners, coaches and players of the Utah Jazz—have converted a beloved entertainment venue into a forum for dissemination of political propaganda which is divisive and completely out of step with our company and its values,” a Sept. 9 letter sent from Salt Lake County-based SME Steel Contractors to Jazz owner Gail Miller states.

SME confirmed the letter’s authenticity, telling the Washington Free Beacon that the feedback the company has received on the letter has been “overwhelmingly positive.”

“We have received emails and letters from individuals and companies throughout the country thanking us for standing up for the country, the national anthem, and the idea that sporting events do not need to be a venue for forcing controversial political views on patrons,” SME general counsel Mark Wilkey said.

The NBA centered its July 30 restart around social justice, painting “Black Lives Matter” on its courts and allowing players to wear custom messages on their jerseys, including “Anti-Racist” and “Say Their Names.” Jazz players kneeled during the national anthem before the first game of the restart, prompting a statement of support from the franchise, which stressed its commitment to “advancing social justice.”

SME took issue with the decision, according to the letter. The company said that while it was “disappointed” to see the NBA season delayed by the coronavirus pandemic, “that disappointment pales … to the feelings we experienced when NBA games ‘restarted’ on what appears to be a billboard for the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.”

This company must make “balls of steel” because they are standing up and getting right in the face of the “woke mob” with no fear whatsoever!

This is what all of us have to do if we want to stop this onslaught of social justice communism in our sports, entertainment, and products. Just stop giving these people your money. and time, and eventually, they’ll get the hint, or go out of business in the process.

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