Vaccine Passports? You've Got To Be Kidding Me!

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The Washington Post— still flying the flag of Democracy Dies in Darkness—reported that “Vaccine passports are on the way.”

Their headline goes on to read that even the mighty Post recognizes the challenge of forcing such a request on a free people may have its limits. The story itself is garnering national headlines. The historical implications are mostly flying under the radar, though.

Conservative platforms like Newsmax offer their own reporting on the news. Still, there is a strange blackout occurring across the legacy media regarding what it means to compel citizens to ‘carry papers.’ The very idea of barring free passage or otherwise exercising individual rights reeks of Soviet-era suppression at its best. At its worst, the notion dovetails the totalitarianism that cloaked large parts of the world during the 20th century.

Is this the comparison the Biden administration was hoping for?

Of course, nobody can reasonably assert the elites in Washington intend to strip Americans of such fundamental and innate rights as freedom of assembly. Yet, that is precisely what the current administration is proposing, and all in the name of public safety. It’s not hard to imagine similar screeds condescendingly delivered in 1940 about public safety measures around identification. Some wore swastikas; others wore stars. It made it easier to identify the ‘good guys.’

Perhaps, the vaccine passport will be wrapped in a little red book. It could even contain catchy slogans like “hope and change” or “build back better.” The imagery of requiring such a formalized document offers its own cringe-worthy comparison to Mao’s decrees for his ‘beloved’ citizens.

This author holds out hope that politicians in Washington or legacy media platforms like the Post still love America—albeit in a misguided way. The same publication that joined the New York Times to fight government suppression in the Pentagon Papers scandal now stands with Big Brother to keep Americans from their favorite restaurants or professional sports games if those rascally folks don’t carry a vaccine passport. The irony would be hilarious if it were an SNL skit. Sadly, it passes for the latest head-scratching news to come off the press.

It’s fair to say many Americans will simply disregard the decree. At least, in places like Florida or Texas, which have already begun reopening to the chagrin of Uncle Joe and company. The outcome will likely result in a national game of chicken where one side blinks then backs down. The curiosity will come when pro athletes refuse to carry their vaccine passports. Are they going to be denied the opportunity to play? The Houston Astros are no strangers to scandal. Perhaps, they should be the guinea pig to test the government’s will in this endeavor.

A team from Texas with a Texas-sized ego seems like the perfect candidate to see if Biden and Harris will blink first.

As always, this has been the World According to Chris.



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