Victim Accusing Don Lemon of Sexual Assult Says He's "Confident" CNN Host Will Held Accountable

The waiter who is accusing Don Lemon of sexual assault has had his case delayed due to COVID-19, but regardless, he says he’s confident that the CNN anchor will be held accountable for what he did to him.

The story goes that one night Don Lemon was drunk in a bar where Mr. Dustin Hice worked as a server. Mr. Lemon, who is gay, reportedly stuffed his own hands down his pants, rubbed his genitals, and then took his fingers and stuffed them under Mr. Hice’s nose.

According to court documents, there are witnesses to the assault.

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Don Lemon of course denies that this ever happened. – maybe he had a “blackout” because we’ve all seen how hammered he gets on those CNN New Years shows,  right?

More proof that Lemon knows exactly what he did – he offered a 6-figure settlement to the victim before the talks broke down.

Who pays someone “6-figures” for something they didn’t do?

From Fox News

“It’s definitely been affected by coronavirus, we would have probably already have had discovery a couple of months ago but everything was closed because of the virus in New York,” Dustin Hice told Fox News. “It was the most degrading, humiliating thing I’ve ever been through and it’s been dragged out. I hate it.”

Fox News obtained a Joint Proposed Discovery Order that was filed in New York’s Eastern District on Friday. It laid out the timeline for the discovery schedule agreed upon by legal teams for both Lemon and Hice, which includes several key dates. Written discovery demands are due by July 20, all discovery must be complete by Dec. 15 and dispositive motions are set for Feb. 2021. Roughly “ten fact witnesses” are expected to be called.

It’s been almost a year since Hice filed an explosive lawsuit against Lemon – who is openly gay — accusing the “CNN Tonight” host of the lewd act. “[Lemon] put his hand down the front of his own shorts, and vigorously rubbed his genitalia, removed his hand and shoved his index and middle fingers into Plaintiff’s mustache and under Plaintiff’s nose,” according to the lawsuit, filed August 11, 2019 in Suffolk County Court.

In the meantime, America has gone through a holiday season, President Trump’s impeachment trial, the Democratic primaries, the coronavirus pandemic, nationwide police brutality protests, and countless other major news stories – but Hice remains optimistic that justice will be served.

“We have now moved into the discovery phase and we have some time here… we all are going to be deposed. The witnesses are going to be deposed, the facts are going to come to the light and I’m very confident that when this is all said and done, that he will be held accountable,” Hice said.

In addition to stuffing his “penis fingers” in the man’s face, Lemon allegedly also asked a crude question about Hice’s sexual preference during the alleged physical confrontation.

Hince said that question from Lemon left him feeling “shocked and humiliated.”

The incident allegedly occurred at Murf’s Backstreet Tavern, in the prestigious Hamptons.


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