[VIDEO] 10+ Cops Arrest a Man on the Beach in Australia for Not Wearing a Mask, While Onlookers Berate Them

It took a battalion of 10+ cops to arrest one poor guy at the beach for not wearing a mask.


This insanity happened in Australia, and as the man was being humiliated and treated like one of the FBI’s “most wanted” onlookers watching this spectacle were horrified.

The man was on the ground, surrounded by police, while more came as “backup.”

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How many cops does it take to arrest one guy for breaking “face diaper” law, for crying out loud?

Onlookers scolded the cops and demanded they start showing people some respect.

This is quite significant since the Aussies are usually such polite and laid back people.

You can watch the video below:

It’s amazing how quickly the elites pounced on this virus as a way to strip people of their basic human rights.

We’ve seen in this country, where decent, law-abiding citizens are treated like “Ted Bundy,” while radical, violent terrortsts are allowed to run amuck, all because of a virus with a 99.8% survival rate.

How on earth does that make any sense?



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