[VIDEO] 22-Year-Old Black Conservative Opens His Own Charter High School For Underprivileged Boys

This young man’s mom was right when she named her son “King,” because that’s exactly what he is. A KING. The 22-year-old conservative man by the name of King Randall is not just sitting around talking about what needs to be done to help young black boys. No. He’s actually out there doing something about it. And when I say “action,” I am not kidding. King has literally opened his own high school for privileged bots in Albany.


What a hero this young man is.

My favorite part is that he’s teaching these kids “trades,” like welding and auto repair. We need more of this. These tradesmen are making a fortune and can own their businesses and live their best life.

WALB reported that a 22-year-old youth leader is opening up a new school in Albany.

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The “X” for Boys founder, King Randall, will transform the former Isabella School into the New Life Preparatory School for Boys.

Randall told WALB News 10′s Gabrielle Ware that he hopes the school will give Albany boys more opportunities for success.

At the school, they’ll teach traditional academics as well as trade skills like welding and auto-repair. Some other options will include the science of family and manhood and there will also be firearms training.

Randall said he’s been wanting to open a school since he began The “X” for Boys program two years ago when he was only 19-years-old.

“Doing different workshops teaching young men how to do different skill trades, we’re also doing a book club and teaching them how to read because 93 percent of the children I come into contact with can’t read. But now we have an 86 percent reading comprehension rate,” explained Randall.


Randall said troubled young men in Albany want to better their lives, they just need more opportunity.

“So giving them a space where they’re around a lot of other young men and around other men trying to mold you and train you. I’ve had kids come find me at my house and come knock and ask to join The “X” for Boys. I’ve had kids message me on Instagram, gang members, you name it,” said Randall.

Randall said he worked with the Dougherty County School System to find the perfect location.

You can watch the video below (comments on school start at around the 1:06 mark):

King initially funded the organization’s operations solely out of his own pocket but eventually, he started raising money to fund more programs.


Now, he’s got a well-rounded charter school for young black men, and I have a feeling as more people hear about this, his dream will get bigger and spread.

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