[VIDEO] 30K Cars Show Up For "Latino Anti-Communist/Pro-Trump Parade" in Downtown Miami, But Joe's 16 Points Ahead?

I am finding it more and more curious that Team Biden is supposedly “16 points” ahead in the polls…

How is Biden so far ahead, but has zero enthusiasm as we head into the final few weeks of the campaign?

And how is Biden so far ahead, when Hillary – a far, far better and more popular candidate who also campaigned on Obama’s “3rd term” –  lost?


Are we to suddenly believe that Americans want to go back to the stagnant Obama-era, after soundly rejecting that time and moving on? Where’s the proof that’s happening… where are the American people in the streets demanding “Hope and Change Part 2”?

So, I guess my question is – why is Biden so far ahead? What policies has he put forth that are so “earth-shattering” that they’re literally shaking the very foundation of the electorate by a stunning 16-points?

I mean, let’s be real…he can’t even tell the American people if he’ll stack the courts or not. Furthermore, he can’t figure out what state he is in half the time…

So, seriously, what is it about Biden that has supposedly set the nation on fire?

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I’m dying to know – because right now I feel like I am the only person who’s not in on the “big secret.”

Meanwhile, as Biden “soars” (wink, wink) in the polls for reasons nobody can truly explain, President Trump’s enthusiasm is through the roof.

As a matter of fact, just today in downtown Miami a massive gathering of over 30 thousand cars filled with Cubans, Columbians, and others gathered to say “NO” to Democrat communism and show massive love and support for President Trump.

And trust me, it was a massive MAGA parade!

There were Trump flags flying everywhere!

There is no denying that Florida is “Trump Country.”

You can watch the video below:

You see images and videos like this parade and you imagine if it was flipped.

Let’s say all of these people were coming out for Joe, and nobody was showing up for Trump…would think something was up?

I know I’d be worried.

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And that my friends, is exactly why they run these fake polls…Because they’re terrified that you and everyone else will figure out that something is indeed “up.”

Get out and VOTE in person and let’s bring this win home for President Trump and America First and make these commies cry again.


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