[VIDEO] ABC’s George Stephanopoulos Forced to Deliver Some Very "Brutal News" to Pal Joe Biden

This has to be a very hard 10 months for little George Stephanopoulos. He’s over at ABC, and probably thought he’d be spending the next 8 years slobbering with joy over his Dems buddies in the White House.


But sadly for George, that’s not happening.

As a matter of fact, I don’t think things could be worse for his precious Dems, and George is the man who’s got to deliver the “brutal” news.


But, if Joe thought that was brutal, the news just keeps getting worse.

Joe Biden’s unpopularity has worn off on the entire Democrat Party – not that they were ever “popular” to begin with. But the point is, things are getting worse. And of course, while it’s thanks in part to the buffoon occupying the White House, it’s also because of the left’s goofy positions on issues – and their goofy issues.

Dems are still pushing the “racist bogeyman” stuff, and they’ve actually tripled down it since the big election loss in VA and across the nation. There are still plenty of “defund the police” whackos out there, and Dems are still calling parents “white supremacists” for not wanting Marxism (Critical Race Theory) taught in American schools.


But two of the biggest issues for Dems are the vaccine mandate, for a vaccine that doesn’t work properly, and the “Green New Deal” nonsense. Vaccine mandates are not popular, I don’t care what any poll says. If they were, Biden’s approvals would be soaring. He’s botched this COVID issue from start to finish. In addition, it appears he and his cabinet of commies are happily allowing gas and beef prices to rise – among other things – in order to “blackmail” the American people into accepting the “Green New Deal” as their lord and savior.

So, why am I telling you all this stuff you probably already know?

Because, it’s having a major negative impact on Democrats – historic, actually.

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Here’s what ABC Senior National Correspondent Terry Moran explained: “If midterm elections were today, 51% of registered voters say they’d support the Republican candidate in their congressional district, 41% say the Democrat—the biggest lead for the GOP in the 110 ABC/Post polls that have asked this question since November.”

Here are some comments from LIBERAL voters online who can’t understand why Biden and the Democrats aren’t popular:

“If true, this is a very sad reflection on the values of this country.”

“I don’t believe your polls. The media pushes their propaganda and then poll the people to see if it’s working.”

“Unreal…. don’t people SEE GOP blocking all legislation?”

“America chooses authoritarianism”

“Polls mean nothing to me unless I also get to see who and where people were polled and the actual questions asked are included. Too many have questions designed to only get certain answers. I find them a waste of time.”

“Propaganda. Polls do not equal votes.”

“This is all because of inflation? The economy is growing, wages are up, jobless claims and unemployment is way down, what is the problem? Dems need to sell this economy better…”


I love how Dems, who have pushed “negative Trump polls” for years, suddenly “don’t believe in polls.”

Honestly, I don’t blame them. Most polls are just a marketing tool used to drive whatever narrative is needed.

But the bad news for Dems is that these are all liberal-leaning polls, and while these polls are probably wrong – they’re likely a helluva lot worse than this.

Buckle up, America, the good guys are about to take their country back.

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