[VIDEO] Acosta on Trump Returning Home "This is The Virus Returning to The White House"

There was a time when the media actually pretended that they weren’t complete anti-Trump dirtbags.

That time is long gone.

They’ve abandoned all pretense, and any lick of professionalism and are just letting all their hate hang out now.


We actually saw one of the worst meltdowns ever when President Trump ended up not being on “death’s door” (as the media had hoped and predicted) and actually kicked COVID’s butt.

Trump took a 5-minute ride around the block to wave at his supporters who had been holding a vigil outside Walter Reed, and the media lost their dang minds.

I haven’t seen meltdowns like that since 2016. They were beside themselves and even tried stirring up a scandal involving Trump supposedly “endangering” the Secret Service.

It was all hogwash, but the media went crazy anyway, and journalists were literally frothing at the mouth.

Their hatred for President Trump knows no limits.

And nowhere was that more apparent than when CNN’s Jim Acosta joined Wolf Blitzer to discuss President Trump’s return to the White House this evening.

During the back and forth discussion, Jim Acosta referred to President Trump returning home as “the virus returning to the White House.” He then called President Trump “patient zero.”

That is such blatant and disgusting disrespect.

You can watch the video below:

All bets are off, now, folks.

The media is truly the enemy of the people and they will stop at nothing to try and take down President Trump.


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