[VIDEO] Adam Carolla Gives "Insider Scoop" On Why Late-Night Comedians Refuse to Go After Joe Biden

Remember back in the days of Jay Leno and David Letterman when late-night comedy was actually funny and not filled with politically driven angst?

Those really were the best days of late-night comedy…


It was a time where everyone, right and left, could set aside their differences and have a good chuckle at the world.

That kind of comedy actually “unified” the country, as well.

However, that’s no longer how these late-night shows operate; now they’re divisive and filled with so much hate and negativity.

Nothing is “funny” anymore – everything comes from this dark “TDS” place that feels mentally and emotionally unstable.

For four years it was all Trump, 24/7, but not in a ‘funny’ way we could all relate to and have a laugh over. It was just weird and mean.

And now, thanks to a zillion unconstitutional mail-in ballots we’ve ended up with bumbling Joe Biden in office – and from a late-night standpoint, he’s literally comedy GOLD, and yet, comedians won’t touch him – he’s secretly off-limits.

Many are scratching their heads and wondering why – well, good news – comedian Adam Carolla has cracked the code.

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According to Carolla, the writing rooms of these late-night shows are filled with snooty, progressive ivy league graduates who refuse to engage in bipartisan humor, and who can’t laugh at themselves.

This is so true – elites can’t laugh at themselves. This is also why the left comes off as so humorless, as well.

Check it out:


It all makes perfect sense right?

It also explains these late-night hosts’ reluctance to discuss Biden, despite his many failures thus far – and just the fact that his entire admin is a total mess.

But these writers should really consider getting back to actual comedy and making fun of everyone.

If they do that, maybe then they’ll actually have some decent ratings…

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