[VIDEO] Adam Schiff's Eyes Bulge When He's grilled About Spreading "Russian Disinformation"

Adam Schiff is nervous. The fact he’s even agreed to do this interview on “The View” and answer questions about the Dossier scandal, tells you exactly how scared he is. This is not just “damage control,” it’s “panic control.” As a former PR whiz, I have taken part in this type of “getting out in front of the scandal” strategy before. I can spot it a mile away. And clearly a lawyer or PR specialist has coached Adam on how to answer the questions.


He deflects a lot, pushing back on President Trump, and bringing up the arrests of people who had absolutely nothing to do with the fake Russia hoax – Adam is still spreading propaganda. But this is the place to do that. “The View” is where he can get away this stuff, and right now, he’s trying to clean up his reputation in the court of public opinion, but he’s also setting up a “defense,” so I wouldn’t be shocked if “something” like an indictment is coming down the pike with his name on it.

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This was a softball interview for Adam, but he looks nervous. His eyes bulge a lot, and at the very end, he loses his composure.

You can watch the video below:


Aside from the obvious deflecting, and spreading more propaganda, I think it’s very clear that Adam Schiff is a man who knows that he could be in some very serious trouble.

The hoax that he was the “face” of has imploded, and no amount of “how did I know everyone was lying” excuses will help him when the rubber hits the road.

If Durham doesn’t get him now, when The Republicans take over the House and Senate, they should go after him.


It’ll be interesting to see if the Dems rally around Schiff, or throw him to the wolves.

But that fact that he’s out talking like this right now, tells me he thinks he’s about to be “wolf food.”

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