[VIDEO] After 2 Cops Are Ambushed and Shot in the Head, Protesters Block Hospital ER Entrance Chanting "We Hope They Die"

Last night in Compton, two police officers who were seated in their patrol car were ambushed and shot in the head.

The horrific incident was caught on video.

One male and one female officer were shot.

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Here’s what the LA County Sheriff said in  a tweet:

“Update: One male deputy and one female deputy were ambushed as they sat in their patrol vehicle. Both sustained multiple gunshot wounds and are in critical condition. They are both currently undergoing surgery. The suspect is still at large.”

You can watch the video below (warning graphic):

This was the scene of the shooting after police arrived.

President Trump and Don Jr. made statements on the shootings.

Don. Jr. asked for prayers for the officers while Trump called for the death penalty if the officers die.

Here’s what he said: “If they die, fast trial death penalty for the killer. Only way to stop this!”

And as if that news was not bad enough, after the officers were taken to the hospital, a group of BLM protesters showed up and blocked the entrance and exit to the ER, chanting “We hope they die.”

You can watch the videos below:

This is so. disgusting and inhumane.

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The LA Country Sheriff tweeted this out about the protesters: “To the protesters blocking the entrance & exit of the HOSPITAL EMERGENCY ROOM yelling “We hope they die” referring to 2 LA Sheriff’s ambushed today in #Compton: DO NOT BLOCK EMERGENCY ENTRIES & EXITS TO THE HOSPITAL. People’s lives are at stake when ambulances can’t get through.”

Newsmax reporter John Cardillo responded with one of the best tweets, that I wanted everyone to see: “Remember EVERY politician, team, and company that isn’t condemning #BlackLivesMatter savages after this. Remember that “Republicans” @MittRomney marched with them and @marcorubio supported them. Remember that every Democrat took a knee and raised a fist for them.”

The LA County Sheriffs said they had issues when trying to remove the protesters who were blocking the entrance and exit of the hospital ER.

One of the women who refused to follow orders and move has been identified. She is a member of the press.

Her name is Josie Huang and she works for NPR.

She tweeted out this after she was released from county jail.

“Hi, all. I’m out of county jail and am headed home. Thank you for caring. I have seen @LASDHQ tweets and have thoughts and videos to share soon after a little rest”

The BLM movement, which many people supported early on – way back in May when there was like 2 peaceful protests – is a full-blown Marxist terror organization.

They are consumed with hate against police officers, white people, and anyone who disagrees with their political ideology which is “burn down the USA.”

I want you to remember that this is the group corporate America is supporting, and the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and Nascar.

This is the group of violent, sick hatemongers who the Democrat Party is aligned with – and if Dems regain power, this BLM group will gain so much strength.

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BLM, Dems, and corporate America are turning accused rapists and women abusers into civil rights heroes, and if you don’t “worship” these people with your fist raised in the air, you will be branded a “racists” and publically humiliated, maybe even beaten in the streets…or worse.

We must take a strong, strong stand against this sick and diseased hatred.

It’s fine to want to see positive changes made in law enforcement and even work towards changing current procedures if that’s what the public wants, but you don’t have to support this violent and hateful group or glorify violent criminals in order to do that.


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