[VIDEO] After Watching this Jaw-dropper Video, People Now Truly Believe Cali is in "Play" For Trump

When I saw this video online, I thought, “Oh, okay, a little gathering for Trump in Cali…seen a ton of these, no big whoop…”

Uh, boy, was I wrong…The WHOOP is actually really, really big.

Conservative pundit Robby Starbuck, who made a name for himself producing some of the world’s most popular Hip-hop videos, shared a video of a “car parade” for President Trump in very liberal Los Angeles.

The thing about this parade is it went on for days…Okay, not “days,” but it went on for such a long time, that I literally had readjusted in my seat several times before the video. ended…and when it ended, it was still going on – the person just got tired of filming after over 5 minutes.

Yes, I said “over 5 minutes.”

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So, Robby shares this video clip, that his friend recorded on Ventura Blvd. in Los Angeles….and trust me, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen come out of Cali.

Miles of cars, decked out in American flags and Trump flags, honking their horns, hanging out the windows, hooting, and hollering for Trump.

You’ve got to see this…and seriously, watch. all 5 minutes..It just keeps getting better and better as it goes on.

Here’s what Robby said: “A friend in Los Angeles happened to drive by on Ventura Blvd. in the valley as a huge group of Trump voters drove by. She filmed for 5 minutes and it was still going. @realDonaldTrump — I don’t think this enthusiasm is being properly measured in polls.”

You can watch the video below:

I’m telling you, I was around reporting on Trump in 2016, and while that energy was crazy-wild, there is something even more special about 2020. It’s gone from a frantic “new/excited” energy to this deep love and appreciation and defending the amazing job we’ve seen President Trump do.

It’s special, and I believe that what we’ll see on election night will be a blowout of epic political proportions.

Get yourself, and ever Trump. supporter you know registered and to the polls.



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