[VIDEO] Al Sharpton Floats Crazy Conspiracy Theory That L.A. Cop Shooter Was 'Planted' to Hurt BLM

If there’s one thing you can always count on Al Sharpton for, it’s a crazed conspiracy theory that bends all fact and reason.

And this latest one from him did not disappoint.

During an interview on Morning Joe, Sharpton was asked point-blank to answer for the disgusting chants from protesters that the two Los Angeles officers who were shot should die.

But instead of answering that question, Sharpton proceeded to push this all off on a conspiracy theory by suggesting that the two officers were shot by a “plant” to make the Black Lives Matter movement look bad.

Don’t worry Al, they’re doing a good enough job making themselves look bad just on their own.

Watch the video:

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The only reason why leaders like Sharpton are so quick to now defend these officers is that the falling support in the polls is telling them to.

It’s an absolute farce.

Users on Twitter were also sure to let Sharpton know what a fraud he is as well:

“When they’re going to do NOTHING for you, they say they’ll pray. Thanks for nothing, Rev.”

“I’m afraid, Rev. Al, those prayers are different….”

“Bullshit. You can’t make any headlines with your BLM bullshit with cops shot in ambush by that little thug. And I notice you never point lipid how at least half of the problem of police violence is the fault of the Black community. Have you paid your taxes yet?”

“I don’t believe you! Before you asked for police to be killed! FOH!”

“Your hateful rhetoric helped cause this.”

Sharpton should really take a long look in the mirror…

Maybe then he’ll realize that his “prayers” do nothing when it’s his radical rhetoric that helped cause the divide in this country.

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