[VIDEO] Another Foreign News Outlet Steps Up to Report Truth About Biden...This Time It's Japan

While the American press makes it seem as if Joe Biden is this beloved “grandpa president” who rescued the US and everyone on the planet, the rest of the world is not so flattering.


Not by a long shot.

The US propaganda press asks Joe questions like “what are you giving up for Lent?” and “whats’ your favorite ice cream flavor?”

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Real hard-hitting stuff, folks. And they don’t seem to care one iota that Joe can hardly walk up a flight of stairs without face-planting, or speak his sentences coherently.

It’s just the wind blowing him over and a childhood stutter, and how dare you question the Great Joe Biden…

However, try and they might, the US press cannot convince the foreign press that Joe is a stable and great leader.

And as it stands now, the only way we can get fair and accurate reporting on Biden is to look overseas.

Australia is leading the charge in reporting TRUTHFULLY on Biden and is even calling out his “dementia” and what a danger he is to the world.

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But now, Japan has jumped in the fray – and they’ve exposed Biden’s border crisis in a savage but very truthful way.

Our own media doesn’t have access to see Bidden’s “cages,” and they’re okay with that, apparently.

If it was Trump denying them access, they’d be frothing at the mouth right now.

Here’s the truth about what’s going on in your country, America…brought to you by Japan, because our media won’t do their dang job.


You can watch the video below:

Ten years ago, most of us would have never thought that we’d be relying on foreigners to give us the truth about our country and the Resident who’s supposedly running it.

That’s how exposed our fake propaganda media now is.


A lot of people have always known that our media is garbage, but the vast majority of us were in a daze for the most part.

Now, the veil has been lifted, and if we want actual truth about Joe and his behind-the-scenes regime. we need to look far away from the government-run US media and get a foreign perspective.



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