[VIDEO] Antifa Takes Over Streets Of NYC "Military Style," Claims "Ownership" of Public Areas

Antifa is taking to the streets – but this time they’re trying to look like a menacing “military force.”


Did they capture the “CCP Army” look they were hoping for?

Well, that’s up for debate, I’d say they looked a little more low-budget ISIS, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Independent journalist and Antifa expert Andy Ngo posted this quick clip of the “march.”

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“A large mob of #antifa are currently marching with riot gear in the streets of New York City.”


Below is a clip of Antifa vulgarly claiming they OWN the streets.

Again, not “menacing” at all, folks.

““Our mother f—kin’ streets!” A militia of #antifa black bloc carrying shields marched in Manhattan today to claim ownership of the public space.”


Americans are expected to look at this and feel at ease…these are the “good guys,” right?

tHeiR fIGHtinG fAciSsm 🙄

These are just good souls with loving intentions marching in all black with shields, folks. Nothing menacing to see here.


Meanwhile, this person below is the real “threat” to Ameria. This is who the media and Dems and GOP are calling an actual “terrorist.”

This is called state-run-propaganda and it’s one of the most dangerous and destructive things happening right now in our country.

Trump was right. The media really is the enemy of the people.



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