[VIDEO] AOC Gets Critiqued By Acting Coach in Hysterical New Clip

AOC’s stupidity is the gift that keeps on giving.


It all started when she regaled her followers and fans with heroic stories of how she managed to somehow survive the events of January 6th.


AOC took to video and explained in grisly detail, how she hid in a bathroom “Anne Frank” style, fighting to save her life, as the evil insurrections bore down on her.


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The only problem with this story is that we recently came to find out that AOC was never even inside the Capitol Rotunda where all the “action” went down.

She was actually in the Cannon Building, about 6-minutes away, for crying out loud.

And the “insurrectionists” that were coming after her, shouting “Where is she???” were actually Capitol Police officers who were trying to evacuate the area.


So, that revelation has promoted a lot of very funny memes and videos.

This one here was one of my favorites, where an acting coach gives AOC “tips.”



This was another funny meme I an across that I thought you’d like.

AOC has never faced this type of humiliation or backlash, and I have to say, it’s quite funny to watch unfold because she just keeps digging her hole deeper.

Typical narcissist, right? When Dems get caught in a lie, they just keep peddling the lie, much to our amusement.


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