[VIDEO] Are You Sitting Down? Wolf Blitzer Just Raked Blumenthal Over the Coals For Spreading “Fake News”

Did hell just freeze over?

Cause it appears that CNN just held someone accountable (whose not a Republican) for spreading “fake news.”

During a segment with Wolf Blitzer and Democrat Richard Blumenthal, the Dem Senator started spreading the false narrative that Trump electing someone to fill a SCOTUS seat was “illegitament.”

Surprisingly enough, Blitzer wasn’t letting this slide and called out Blumenthal for calling it illegitimate.

Watch the video:

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Users on Twitter seemed just as surprised as the rest of us on Blitzer’s sudden 180:

”Is this Wolf Blitzer 2.0???”

”Bwahahahahaha. He was so caught off guard with an actual question.”

“wooooa wolf. impressive. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.”

“Danang was caught off guard by being ask a “legitimate” question by CNN. I was too frankly.”

”CNN actually journalism’d!?”

”Wait, wut? Is that really CNN? I’m so confused right now.”

”Wolf called out Hirono for saying they were stealing seats. Made her admit that it wasn’t stealing or illegal. Hell has frozen over”

Man if only CNN put out this type of content more often.

Maybe then their ratings would get just a tad higher than the Antiques Roadshow.

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