[VIDEO] Assistant Principal Films Himself at Rochester BLM Riot Screaming "F**k The Police"

The BLM mob has invaded Rochester, New York.

Folks are rioting over the March 2020 death of Daniel Prude. The man was high on PCP and having a very bad/violent reaction to the drug. Police were called by his family, and the cops placed a “hood” on Mr. Prude, who was spitting on police, and the coroner says, as a result of that action, he died of asphyxiation.

The death was ruled a homicide and the cops have been suspended.

BLM took to the streets in Rochester, disrupting people’s dinners at local restaurants, throwing tables, dishes, and chasing people away.

They tried breaking into an apartment building. What would they have done if they got in? Burn it down? Beat the people inside?

They also set fires.

And they even went into residential neighborhoods.

So you can imagine how outraged Rochester citizens were they saw Steven Lysenko an assistant principal in the Spencerport Central School District who helps to oversee the “Ninth Grade and Academy” in the midst of the riots, dressed in all black (the typical look for Antifa anarchists) and shouting “F**k the police”

You can watch the video below:

Would you want this man overseeing your children and molding their young minds?

This is how most of the teachers think and feel. It’s a sickness, and they’re infecting all of our nation’s kids.


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