[VIDEO] Aussie Psychiatrist Has a Heart-to-Heart With the World About Joe Biden's Mental Decline 

While we’re all miserable here in the United States, thanks to a completely senile buffoon who’s supposedly “leading” the country, we sometimes forget that people in other parts of the world are looking at what’s happening and feeling really scared.


After all, the US is the “free world.” We are the global leader and when you have someone in office who is so obviously mentally unwell, it’s scary for them too.

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It’s like little kids looking up at their parents and suddenly realizing “oh my god, they’re incapable of taking care of me.”

And what makes all of this even more scary and absurd is how our media refuses to cover it.

They’re watching the same disaster unfold as we are – they see the same nightmare brain freezes, and inability to finish sentences, and all the wild lies, and yet they say nothing.

The same media who would literally spend 7 days covering one Trump typo, have completely clammed up as Joe Biden shows off late-stage dementia signs in real-time.

So, that just makes things even more bizarre and keeps eroding trust and faith.

And the world is watching all of this unfold, and they’re scared.


That’s why Sky News brought on a psychiatrist to discuss what’s going on with Biden.

A heart-to-heart with the world about Joe Biden’s declining mental health.

Dr. Ahmed says Biden has gotten gradually worse over the past year. He says Biden gives the impression of “just holding on” and mentions confabulation as a symptom of “early dementia.” Confabulation is when someone with dementia fills gaps in memories with false memories. Last week, Biden claimed he drove 18 wheelers but it never happened.

You can watch the video below:

These are the types of discussions that our media should be having.

But we don’t have a “media” anymore.


All we have is government-run propaganda – similar to what they have in North Korea.

And they wonder why we don’t trust them?

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