[VIDEO] Believe it Or Not, Jake Tapper Actually Humiliated Biden's Deputy Campaign Chair Over "Court Stacking" Question

I hate giving these media jackals a pat on the back for actually doing their jobs, but our fake news is in such bad shape, that one of them doing something besides shilling for Biden is a “headline.”

However, I guess we’ll just take what little truth and fact we can get at this point.


Tapper actually earned his money today, when he called out Biden’s deputy campaign manager for the absolute absurdity of the “court-packing” question that Biden refuses to answer.

And Biden went on to make matters even worse, by now claiming what Republicans are doing by filling RBG’s seat is unconstitutional “court-packing.”


Biden is either a complete nimrod or he’s trying like hell to sell the American people a rotten bill of goods…maybe it’s both.

Either way, Tapper didn’t let Biden’s campaign off the hook…and even at the end, he stuck them with a pretty good dig.

You can watch the video below:

The “court stacking” questions was yet another major blunder by Team Biden.

First off, Americans don’t like to be kept in the dark on anything. The days of Pelosi and the “you have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it” are long gone.

Add to that, Biden actually saying voters don’t “deserve to know,” and you have a recipe for absolute political disaster.

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Americans would rather have an opportunity to disagree with you than be treated like a lowly peasant who has no say whatsoever.

But that’s how someone like Joe thinks about the American voter…like annoying little speedbumps that slow him down on his journey to power and riches.



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