[VIDEO] Bet Donna Brazile Wishes She Was Back on Fox News, After Chris Christie Humiliates Her on ABC

Rember Donna Brazile?


Ugh, how can we forget her…

She’s the former DNC “chair” who helped Hillary cheat in the Dem primary by feeding her the debate questions and was then rewarded for that cheating by landing a sweet gig on Fox News where she was paid a hefty salary to push liberal talking points.

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What a great setup for Donna, right? But sadly for her, it all came to an end, when she and Fox parted ways.

Now, Donna is over at ABC spewing her lies and Democrat commie talking points.

However, after she just got majorly schooled by Chris Christie over Texas “voter ID” laws, Donna probably wishes she was back on Fox News.


You can watch the video below:

I’m sorry, but the Dems are not going to win this election integrity issue or the voter ID fight.

The majority of Americans want to have FAITH in the voting system, and they also approve of voter ID.


Good Lord, we’re a nation – no, a WORLD – that requires ID for everything.

So, right now, Dems look panicked as they try and spin their way out of this very sticky web and pundits like Donna are looking more foolish than ever.

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