[VIDEO] Biden Desperately Tries to Regain Control After Being Savagely Heckled at McAuliffe Rally

Day by day, Biden’s presidency just becomes more and more pathetic.

It’s like this guy can’t go one day without suffering a humiliating event.


Right on cue, Biden was absolutely destroyed at McAuliffe’s rally on Friday, where he was loudly heckled by protesters.

And I mean it was LOUD.

He tried to downplay it and regain some semblance of “control” by encouraging the protesters to shout, stating that this is “not a Trump rally.”

Whatever the hell that means.

But yeah Joe, there are usually 30 thousand more people at a Trump rally, so you’re finally right about something.

Watch the video:

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And speaking of attendance, that was apparently pretty darn sparse as well.

According to Fox News, approximately 500 people attended the event, which left the venue basically half empty.

Also on YouTube, he had fewer than 500 views.


This comes just after CNN’s town hall event, where Biden was lambasted for speaking to a half-empty room and basically suffering his worst “dementia-moments” yet.

Again, very strange optics for our most “popular president” in history…

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