[VIDEO] Biden/Harris Bus Runs a Red Light to Escape Trump Supporters Following Behind in a Hilarious Hearse 

There’s one thing for sure, Trump supporters have been having a lot of fun trolling the Biden team.

Online, and in person, Trump supporters are some of the best, most creative people around.


Remember last week, when Joe lost his cool and got really, really angry at Trump supporters who crashed his event in PA?

That’s when he got really agitated from all the horn honking from hecklers and called the Trump supporters “CHUMPS.”

And now, we’re seeing something really creative and funny…

The Biden/Harris campaign bus was being “tailed” by Trump supporters in Houston, TX who were driving a hearse with a sign on it that read “Democrat Cemetery Vote Collector.”

Here’s what the hearse looked like:

According to witnesses and video, the Biden Harris team was so bothered by this, that they ran a red light to try and getaway!

You can watch the video below:

Keep it up, Trump supporters, we’ve got the Biden/Harris ticket on the run!

Make sure you get out and vote – we can’t sit this one out. We need absolutely everyone to come out and vote Republican so we can save this country and save your families from a fate worse than hell.

Also, please make sure that you get all Trump-supporting friends and family out to vote for Trump and Republicans as well.

If we do our part, we will deliver a landslide to President Trump…and nobody deserves it more.


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