[VIDEO] Biden Literally Crumbles Onto His Microphone During Disastrous Presser on Death of US Military Members

Joe Biden gave one of his wore pressers of all time – on a day when he needed to be powerful, energetic, and resolute, he was foggy, sleepy, weak, and downright depressing.


Here’s a short clip from the speech:

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Here are some of the comments on Joe’s speech today, and the first tweet is from one of Biden’s biggest and most obnoxious supporters:

And then Biden “crumbled.”

During his “moment of silence” Biden crumbled onto the microphones, looking defeated and destitute.


He crumbled in a heap atop the microphone.


Of course, some will say he was showing “respect,” to those who died thanks to his ineptitude.

Maybe he feels guilty? He should.

Whatever the case may be, it looked defeated and weak and made an already terrible situation, even worse.

What a horrifying visual for the so-called “leader of the free world.”

It’s one thing to look compassionate, but it’s quite another to look defeated by the enemy.

It was disastrous.

I think this sums it up well:

In addition, Biden is still trying to claim that many Americans in Afghanistan might want to “stay.”

Is he smoking crack with Hunter?

Don Jr. didn’t let him get away with it:

All in all, on a day when America is mourning the loss of our brave service members, we needed strength and direction for the so-called “president.”

Biden provided neither of those things, as a matter of fact, he made things worse.


It was the exact opposite, and after that speech, hordes of people began calling – very loudly – for Biden to resign.

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