[VIDEO] Biden Now Claims Jan 6th Attendees Are Worse Than Confederate Slave Owners

Biden has really gone off the deep end time, folks.

This country started to become divided quite a few presidents ago, but under Biden, it’s really hit its breaking point, which we all witnessed on January 6th.


Now there are many differing opinions on what happened that day, but what Biden just said about January 6th is beyond ridiculous – but more than just “ridiculous,” it’s downright dangerous, divisive, and a lie.

Biden is now claiming that January 6th attendees are worse than Confederate slave owners.


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He’s really stirring the pot, huh? I mean, I just don’t think you can get nastier and bombastic than that.

And he’s the “Great Unifier?” Give me a break.

Clearly, he doesn’t seem to want to mend fences and has now resorted to pathetic name-calling and demonizing Americans.

Obviously, this did not go over well with conservatives online and they were quick to put Biden in his place for this vile comment.

“President Biden doesn’t matter. There’s no respect for this president in this country or around the world. Our Enemies are licking their chops”

“Civil war: 4 years, 750,000 deaths Jan 6th: 6 hours, 1 death.”

“I can sense the Unity all around me.”

”I sure love to hear that man talk about all that unity stuff.
Warms my heart …”

“Insurrection my ass, the Biden administration is an illegal and illegitimate government, and he should be thrown out of office !”


Remember when Biden was first installed into office and he pledged to “unify” the country?

Yeah, that’s really fallen by the wayside and has now been replaced with non-stop attacks against the right.

Meanwhile, looters and violent mobs roam the streets, and burn down businesses – but according to Joe, those people are just an “idea.”

What a joke. This dementia-riddled man will go down in history as the worst “fake president” this country has ever had.

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