[VIDEO] Biden Now Says Trump is the One Who Wants to "Defund the Police"

Honestly, who is running the Biden campaign? It’s like watching a really, really long episode of the “Three Stooges.” I’ve never seen anything like this.  It’s so poorly-run, with the flip-flops and confusing messaging that you almost wonder if we’re all being “punked” or something.

It’s as if everyone who is working on the Biden campaign forgets that there’s this thing called “social media” where we all share stuff and have access to archived videos and articles and other nifty things.

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Honestly, they’re running this campaign like it’s 1993, thinking they can just throw out some “word salad” and change the flow of the conversation and no one will be the wiser.

Just look at what Joe’s trying to push now – this one’s a real stretch and a doozy….he’s trying to say that it’s not him or his party who want to defund the police – it’s actually Trump who is “defunding” the police.

What the hell…

You can watch the video below:

And not to mention, that he keeps wearing that gigantic mask, and he looks so ghoulish, and weak, and frail.

As everyone knows, Trump does not want to “defund police” – for crying out loud, this is just nonsense, especially when the entire Democrat base is screaming “f**k the police” and city councils are literally defunding police departments.


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