[VIDEO] Biden Voter Regrets Her Vote After Hearing Shocking Leaked Audio Of Joe Speaking Rudely to Black Leaders

Joe Bide has a long and shameful history of treating black voters and the black community like absolute garbage…and that hasn’t changed.


All of the evidence was there for people to see if they had the curiosity to research their candidate.

But your average Dem voter doesn’t possess “curiosity” or a desire to search for truth. They’re content simply being spoon-fed whatever the propaganda news feeds them and calling anything the right says as “Russian bots” spreading lies.

What a clueless world to live in, right?

Well, what happens when that protective bubble is burst and a Biden voter actually hears for themselves what a junky, lying politician Biden is?

They’re “shocked” and regret their vote.

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That’s what happened to a Biden voter when she listened to recently leaked audio of Biden speaking down to black leaders.

Here’s what the Biden voter who goes by “Alex Lawson” said after listening to the audio:

“If this had leaked before the election I probably wouldn’t have voted. I have no respect for anyone that talks to black activists like this.”

You can listen to the audio below:

In that clip, you’ll also notice that Biden is STILL pushing the “very fine people” lie.

As a matter of fact, according to Biden, it was one of the “main” reasons he ran for president.

The problem is it never happened. Trump never called white supremacists “very fine people.” It literally never, ever happened. It’s 100% fake news, and yet, it’s still allowed to be peddled everywhere, completely unchecked by “fact-checkers,” media jackals, and social media overlords.

And they wonder why we call them biased and unfair?


So, by Biden’s own admission, his campaign was a fraud.

He ran on a lie and “won” on a lie. What a legacy.


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