[VIDEO] Biden's PA Event Was Such a Disaster that a CNN Reporter Said it Actually Looked Like a "Trump Rally"

Joe Biden had one of his worst days ever yesterday in Pennsylavnia…and that’s saying a lot because he’s had some really, really, bad days.

But yesterday was exceptionally bad because Joe lost his cool when a horde of Trump supporters descended upon his poorly-attended outdoor event in must-win PA.


There were hundreds of Trump supporters, waving flags, shouting, and honking their horns like crazy.

Joe snapped and started getting very angry and agitated. He ended up yelling, and calling the Trump supporters “chumps.”

Democrats LOVE to name-call. remember Hillary’s “deplorable” moment?

I guess Joe picked “chumps” because it’s only one syllable – as you know, he has a problem pronouncing a lot of common words.

The PA event was such a disaster, that a CNN reporter declared that it actually looked like a Trump rally.

Ouch, Joe!

MJ Lee, a CNN correspondent was covering the rally.

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She took to Twitter and shared a couple videos of the Trump crowd that was gathering.

Here’s what she said: “Rowdy scene as Joe Biden speaks at drive-in rally in Bucks County, PA — Trump supporters waving flags and honking during his speech”


“Practically a Trump drive-in rally here now outside the Biden drive-in event. Biden has just finished speaking”

You can watch the videos below:

Meanwhile, President Trump held 3 rallies yesterday, each one bigger and more exciting and energetic than the last.

Enthusiasm, love, and support for Trump in 2020 are so much higher and more intense than in 2016.

He’s grown his base, and people love him.

Please, get out and vote.

We can’t take anything for granted, and make sure that you remind everyone you know who supports Trump to also get out and vote.

If we do that, we’ve got this!


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