[VIDEO] Bill Aimlessly Stumbles Around Behind Hillary, Who's Shouting Uncontrollably, During Crazy Live-Stream Interview

It’s shocking to me that the Dems – the favorite party of big tech – are so bad at technology.

The entire DNC convention looked and felt like a janky “Zoom” conference call – and don’t get me started on Joe Biden’s disastrous live-streams. They’re a glitch-factory.

You’d think that the Dems would have a much slicker, more sleek tech presentation – instead, they look like they’re all on dial-up, coming at us live from a 1997 AOL chatroom.

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And nowhere was this terrible “techy stuff” more apparent than during a ghastly interview with Hillary Clinton.

Hillary appears to be talking (actually, she’s shouting loudly) about Trump “fanning the flames of fear” over the riots. The awful lighting makes Hillary look like one of those scary faces kids think they’ll see in a mirror if they say the name “Bloody Marry” three times.

Also, half of her vodka-bloated face is cut off  – actually, maybe that’s a good thing.

And what the heck is Bill doing behind her? He’s aimlessly stumbling around – does he even realize she’s doing an interview? At one point, Bill staggers over and sits down and pokes his big bulbous head onto the screen.

Do these people not have assistants who can help them maneuver through interviews?

You can watch the video below:

The Democrats are just a mess, from top to bottom. It just seems like everything they do, and say is just missing the mark by a mile.

If I were “revamping” the Dem Party, these two jerks would be the first to get a pink slip.

Hillary brings nothing but bitterness to the table, and Bill brings rape.

I guess it’s kinda nice to see them in their “golden political years” looking like a bungling mess. 🤣


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