[VIDEO] Black Conservatives Drop Major ‘Saul Alinsky’ Truth Bomb "We Know Your Tactics"

Have you ever noticed that almost every argument a conservative poses to the left is met only with the word “racist?”

Well, these black conservatives just cracked the code, folks.


It all boils down to the “Saul Alinksy” method, where groups like Black Lives Matter take any conservative value and just slap the word “racist” on it without any explanation.

Check out their brilliant argument here:

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This clearly explains why anytime you try to have any logical argument with a liberal, it’s simply met with one word, emotional outbursts like “racist” or “bigot” or many, many other mindless dribble.

And many on Twitter agreed with this assessment:

Very true. Maybe it’s rooted in the unwillingness to acknowledge ones own imbalance and dissatisfaction with the self, so instead of confronting their own demons they constantly project them onto others in the form of isms and phobias. Heal yourself. Heal the world.

? ? ? He nailed it. People don’t realize how imbedded rules for radicals is in leftist politics. It’s quietly taken over a lot of different facets inside our instituons and in public discourse.

Logic > Emotion.

“Look, my political opponent is everything bad, this makes me right.”
– Every Banana republic

Everyone of them uses same tactics & they’re like xeroxed copies of each other. Use descriptive aggressive terms to attack, or let me dumb it down for them…. name calling. Falsely. Always have to throw in the vulgar words to show their lack of intellect.


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