[VIDEO] Black Leader of "Proud Boys" Salt Lake City Goes on Record Denouncing "White Supremacy"

The media and Dems (and Chris Wallace) are pushing a new conspiracy theory – and it’s a doozy.


According to the left, the right-wing movement “Proud Boys” is suddenly responsible for all the rioting, destruction, and division in the country.

What the heck…

This came totally out of left field, and it appears to be a way in which to deflect blame from left-wing Marxist movements Antifa and Black Lives Matter since polling has been bad for Team Biden on this issue.

It’s a confusing narrative, and has a lot of Americans scratching their heads since 99.99% of people have likely never even heard of “Proud Boys.”

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The group has been deemed “white supremacists” by the media, and they’ve demanded Trump disavow them…Trump, like most of America, said he’s never heard of them.

So, leaders from the group are now speaking out, including the leader of the Salt Lake City “Proud Boys” chapter.

A Black gentleman by the name of “Thad,” went on video and spoke for the entire Proud Boys organization, saying he and all Proud Boys denounce white supremacy as a whole.

You can watch the video below:

The media looks buffoonish right now.

Why on earth would a Black man be a leader in a “white supremacy” group?

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And where’s the proof that this group has wreaked havoc across America, and why are we just hearing about them NOW?

This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

But rest assured, I am sure the media will whip up a narrative to fit their warped agenda.


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