[VIDEO] Black Man Tells BLM "You're Pushing White People, They're Getting Fed Up, I Wouldn't Want to be You in 2 Months..." 

The gentleman may be a little “raw” and some may think he’s a little rough around the edges, but his message is common sense.

And I don’t mean that in the “race war” sense, either. I know many out there see what’s happening right now in this country as a “black and white” issue. I don’t see it like that. I see this as good vs evil.

There’s good and evil on all sides of every issue.

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And let’s be honest, as it stands now, we see more white liberal commies rioting for BLM than we do black folks.

So, for me, it’s not about “white people are getting fed up” (yes, I know that’s what he said), but I believe it’s “patriots” and good people of every color are getting fed up with this communist nonsense from BLM and Antifa – which as it stands now are basically one and the same.

We need to “fight back” but with our votes. I can’t stress enough how important it is that you and every Trump supporter you know gets to the polls – our lives and livelihoods depend on it.

With all that said, his overall warning to BLM should be heeded. You just can’t keep pushing patriots and expect they won’t get fed up and push back.

You can watch the video below:

My hope is that we don’t allow the media and the Dems to divide us any more than they already have.

We’re not in a “race war,” we’re in a spiritual battle.

We need to put God back into this country and reset our moral compass. We need to accept and embrace that we’re all different – being different is okay, what fun is it to all be the same? But we all need to be “united” under God. That’s how we heal…oh, and voting out Dems too. That’s a must!


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