[VIDEO] BLM Activists March Into DC Neighborhood and Start Banging on Random People's Doors in the Middle of the Night 

Apparently, there will be some kind of unrest every single time there’s an officer-involved shotting that even loosely fits the BLM narrative.

This latest incident happened in D.C. and involved an 18-year-old young man by the name of Deon Kay.

The split-second that word spread that a Black man was shot, the BLM activists (mostly white, at this point) sprang into action and hit the streets.

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Nevermind waiting for “facts” to come out – just round up the “soldiers” as fast as humanly possible and start harassing innocent Americans while they sleep.

But, before we get to that, here’s are the FACTS on the Deon Kay fatal shooting.

According to witness reports, the young man had been driving around the D.C. area brandishing guns before he had a run-in with the police –  and during that run-in, Mr. Kay pulled out his handgun as police approached and he was shot.

You should never resist arrest or point guns or any weapon at police.

Here’s a screenshot from the bodycam footage.

Here’s the bodycam footage (warning graphic):

So, as I said above the BLM activists who must be listening to police scanners every second of their free time, kicked into high gear and hit the streets.

They made their way to D.C. Mayor Bowser’s street, hoping to harass her (yes, she’s Democrat, and she did that lovely BLM street mural, but she hasn’t abolished the police yet, so she’s the still the enemy). However, they couldn’t get to her, thanks to the police protection around her house (must be nice), so instead, they went to her neighbor’s homes, and proceeded to pound on their doors, waking everyone up, and screaming and shouting about a shooting they didn’t have the “facts” about, but they don’t care about “facts” anyway.

You can watch the video (2nd one) below:

Remember when the lying fake news said it was just Trump trying to “scare people” when he said these commies would come into your neighborhoods?

He’s not trying to scare anyone. He’s being honest.

This is reality, we see it every day on these videos.

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But our media either doesn’t pay attention to these real-time videos, or they don’t care.

Either way, the truth of the matter is that these people are coming into neighborhoods as we speak and if Biden wins, they’ll be emboldened and feel like they have a mandate and it’ll only get worse.


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