[VIDEO] BLM and Antifa Rioters Caught Completely By Surprise When Lancaster Police Unleash "Flash Raids" 

After months of non-stop Democrat riots, where BLM and Antifa rioters burned down liberal-run cities, while idiots like Obama, Biden, and Harris celebrated them as “peaceful protesters,” and the media ignored the chaos and violence, suddenly liberal city officials are ordering police to crackdown on the violence, now that polls show Biden is tanking.

Trust me, if the polls hadn’t shown a massive dip for Dementia Joe, these riots would be allowed to continue and destroy innocent Americans’ lives, all in the name of “Democrat political power.”

Meanwhile, the entire time these riots have been going on, President Trump has been offering federal aid, but liberal-run cities have rejected it, and even limited what their police officers could do to combat the violence.

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Of course, now that’s changed and police are unchained and allowed to do their jobs because confused “Slow Joe” is bottoming out.

In cities like Lancaster, PA, police are even conducting “flash raids.”

As you likely know by now, riots have broken out in Lancaster, after an officer-involved shooting where a 27-year-old man who ran at cops with a knife was shot and killed.

Police just released the bodycam footage:

And these raids have taken BLM and Antifa rioters completely by surprise.

You can watch the video below:

The police are now rounding up the rioters who are committing arson, attacking police, and vandalizing businesses.

Remember when Biden staffers and Kamala Harris were bailing these people out and putting them right back on the streets to do more damage and harm more people?

Yet now, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are condemning the violence. The very violence they literally funded just a few weeks ago.

The American people know better and can see through this political sham.


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